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Video Files Recovery after Format

  • A reliable tool that can instantly restore video files that got erased with format operation
  • All video file formats are supported for recovery
  • Can be utilized to restore data from internal/external HDD, SSD, FireWire drives, USB drives, memory cards etc.
  • Offers simple video recovery process
  • Assures no damage to the original quality of the video file

How to Recover Videos after Formatting?

When users reinstall the operating system of the computer, due to formatting during the re-installation process they lose their data. In order to not to lose data, one needs to keep backup of important files before re-installation of the operating system. However, what if one has re-installed the operating system and do not have backup for formatted videos, audios and other data? Here in order to recover videos after format along with other data, one needs to make use of software to restore files after format.

During installation or upgrading of the operating system, hard drive gets formatted and the user will be in the loss of videos and other data stored on the hard disk. It happens because formatting erases all the current partitions, format the drive, and installs the operating system. In such situations, if the user has not kept a data backup, then they need not worry because data recovery after format software facilitates user to get back hard drive files after format during re-installation.

When the computer gets highly infect with viruses, people choose to format their hard drive. There are many reasons for the entry of viruses on the computer. They may enter through the internet or maybe through any external virus-infected data storage device. As the first step to clean the viruses, users take help of some third-party antivirus programs. However, sometimes antivirus programs also fail to remove the viruses. As a last step to get rid of viruses, people choose to format their drive. This formatting of the drive not only removes the viruses but also deletes videos and other data. However, virus infection and formatting are not only issues with hard disks but also with external storage devices. In all such scenarios data recovery after format utility helps to retrieve data from the formatted flash drive, USB drives, memory cards etc.

Even when users find that system is running slow, they go for formatting hard drive in order to get rid through system errors. The various reasons such as program overload during startup, too many temporary files and leftovers of uninstalled programs are some of the reasons of the system running slow. If after such situation, the user has formatted the hard drive, then it is possible to recover formatted hard drive. Addition to this, data recovery after format tool also facilitates the user to restore files from the formatted portable hard disk drive.

This tool also helps the users to recover data from Kingston DataTraveler USB flash drive and from other removable data storage devices. In other cases, when the file system of any storage device is corrupted, the user will get an error message indicating that disk not formatted and do user wants to format it. In this scenario, Windows Explorer will not let the user access videos and other data until formatting. However, when the user formats the data storage device, the user loses videos, images and other data. Therefore, in this case, in order to recover videos along with other data, making use of data recovery after format software is much beneficial.

Steps to Recover Videos from Formatted Drive:

Step I: As you install and launch the formatted data recovery software, the main window will be displayed with 3 different options. Choose "Recover Partitions/Drives" option among those 3 options and then click on "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option to recover videos from the formatted hard drive.

Recover Videos after Format - Welcome Screen

Step II: Now, you need to choose the hard drive that has been formatted to begin the recovery of videos from the hard disk drive.

Recover Videos after Format - Select the Logical Drive

Step III : Once the file recovery process is complete, all recovered files will be displayed under "File Type View", preview the recovered data to evaluate the recovery results.

Recover Videos after Format - Preview Screen

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