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Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

  • A proficient tool that easily extracts data from Kingston DataTraveler USB drives
  • Helps in regaining data from removable USB drives that are deleted, lost, formatted or corrupt
  • Supports various other brands of USB drives, hard drives, SSD, memory cards etc.
  • Files of any file type formats can be retrieved in quick steps

Have you lost data from Kingston Data Traveler USB flash drive due to accidental format?

Stay Calm!!! It is possible to easily restore all your photos, videos, audios and all other different types of files from accidentally formatted Kingston Data Traveler USB flash drive using this reliable and professional USB Drive Recovery Software. This tool can restore formatted hard drive data by using the special inbuilt algorithms and recovers different types of files from the Kingston Data Traveler USB flash drive including other brands of USB drives. There are some reasons due to which you might your drive might have been formatted.

Common reasons for formatting the USB drive are:

Accidental formatting of the USB drive: You might have accidentally formatted the USB drive from your computer while performing some other operation.  If you have accidentally formatted the USB drive instead of erasing a number of unwanted pictures or while performing some other operation then you may lose all photos including essential one. In such case, the USB Drive Recovery tool is a reliable solution to get back all the photos.

Virus infection: Viruses are the destructive programs, which destroys the files stored on your USB drives. USB drives are more prone to virus attacks as they are portable to use. Some viruses may not be removed from your USB drive even after using powerful antivirus programs to remove the viruses. In such case, formatting is the only way to get rid of viruses. If you format the USB drive to eliminate the viruses without taking a backup then all the data stored on the USB drive will also get deleted resulting in a loss of files.

Formatted the USB drive when you get format error: If your USB drive is corrupted due to accidental removal of the drive from the computer, improper system shutdown or virus attacks etc. then you may get an error message, which may not allow you to access the data until you format the USB drive. If you format the USB drive in such case then you will lose all the files resulting in a data loss

Why it is possible to unformat the formatted USB drive?

Technically, when you format the USB drive, the computer rebuilds the directory structure of the USB drive like a memory card or the hard drive. This results in the deletion of photos by removing the links to the actual data. This is because the Operating System can read the data by using a directory structure of USB drive. If the directory structure is removed then it is not possible to access the data stored on the USB drive but, the data still exist in the memory. Therefore, it is possible to recover data from a formatted USB drive

A list of USB drive brands and a few models supported by Data Recovery After Format software

  • SanDisk USB Cruzer Fit
  • Transcend JetFlash 500
  • Transcend USB 3.0 JetFlash 700
  • Transcend JetFlash 300
  •  Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 memory stick
  • Kingston SO-DIMM DDR3 memory stick
  • Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark2
  •  Sony Memory Stick Duo etc.

First things first

In order to avoid permanent data loss, you need to immediately stop using the USB drive after accidentally formatting it. This is because the data from the formatted USB drive can be recovered only when the original data is not overwritten by new files. If you save or copy any new files to the USB drive then you may lose the original files due to overwriting resulting in a permanent data loss.

Top features of the USB Drive Recovery Software

Easy and simple steps to restore lost files from formatted USB drive

Step 1: In order to start the recovery process, first you need to connect the USB drive to your computer then launch the USB Drive Recovery application. Once you launch the software, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next screen to retrieve all media files

Data Recovery After Format - Main Screen

Step 2: Select USB drive that you have accidentally formatted. As you select the USB drive, the software starts the recovery process

Recover formatted data - Select the logical drive

Step 3: Once the data recovery process is done, you can view recovered data using the “Preview” option

Recover formatted data - Preview Recovered Data

Tips need to keep in mind to avoid data loss in the future

  • Take full Backup of your important data before formatting the USB drive
  • Use the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to properly disconnect the USB drive.
  • Use updated antivirus programs to avoid loss of data due to virus attacks

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