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Hard Disk Data Recovery after OS Re-installation

Formatted the drive during operating system re-installation and lost all your essential data?

This is the right place where you can get relevant and reliable solution i.e. You need to do Hard drive data recovery after format to get back all your lost data. This software can also recover lost data from accidentally reformatted hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE.

When user installs a new operating system or upgrades the operating system, formatting of data storage drive takes place. Formatting erases all the existing partitions, formats the drive and installs new operating system. In such cases, if user has not kept data backup, then there is no need to get panic, because data recovery software can help them out to recover hard drive data after format during re-installation of opearting system. This software facilitates user to retrieve videos after format of drive along with pictures, audios and other files.

Reasons for re-installing the Operating System

The hard drive has gone bad: If your hard drive has gone bad due to Operating System crash or other complex issues then reinstalling the Operating System may fix the problem. Reinstallation process formats the hard drive and then installs the OS. Therefore, you should take a backup of essential data. This is because; formatting the drive deletes the entire data and create a new directory structure to store new files.

If you want to upgrade or install a different Operating System: If you want to use different latest version of the Operating System or if you want to upgrade the Operating System then you should re-install the OS. If you forgot to take a backup and reinstall the OS then you may lose each and every file stored on the hard drive

Files get corrupted by improperly uninstalling or installing the software or by virus: The files stored on your computer may get corrupted either by improper un-installation or installation of any third party software. Files may also get corrupted due to harmful viruses. If the files that have been corrupted are system files then you may encounter serious problems. In such case, you need to reformat and re-install the Operating System to get rid of viruses and all other issues

Corrupt Windows registry: When the Windows Registry gets corrupted, re-installation of Operating System becomes necessary. This is because, Windows Registry is a database where the entire configuration of your system is stored. If the registry gets corrupted then your data may become inaccessible. To fix this issue, you need to re-install the OS. In these scenarios you can get back the desired files by use of appropriate utility at right time.

Immediately stop using the hard drive to avoid permanent data loss

When you format the hard drive, original files are not permanently removed, only allocation information is destroyed that makes the data inaccessible. If you save or copy any other data to that drive then the original information may get overwritten by new files resulting in permanent data loss. Therefore, do not use the drive once it is accidentally formatted or reformatted. Don’t even install the Hard Drive recovery Software on the drive that has been accidentally formatted to avoid overwriting of your old data.

Why Hard Drive Recovery Software is a perfect solution to recover lost data?

How Hard Drive Recovery Software works?

Step 1: Download and launch the Partition Recovery Software. As soon as you launch the application, the main screen is displayed with 3 options. Among those 3 options, select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option to recover lost data from hard drives and then  Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option to restore accidentally formatted hard drive

Data Recovery After Format - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the formatted hard drive to begin the data recovery process. Once the data recovery process is over, view the data recovered from formatted hard drive

Recover formatted data - Preview Recovered Data

Few basic tips for avoiding data loss in the future

  • Always take a backup of essential data  before formatting the drive
  • Use antivirus programs to avoid data loss due to virus attacks

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