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Software for Partition Recovery

  • The perfect tool that helps in extracting data from the drive partitions
  • Performs data recovery from FAT 32, FAT 16, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, HFSX etc.
  • Capable to restore data from external HDD, internal drives, USB drives, SSD, FireWire etc.
  • Makes data recovery from reformatted, formatted, damaged or inaccessible drives easily possible within clicks

How to Recover Hard Disk Partition?

In order to manage, organize and access data on the computer in a better way, partitioning is the only option. Partitioning enormous size of the hard disk into different logical parts helps you to install more than one operating system on the computer. As you are dealing with several computer partitions, sometimes you may end up with complete data from a partition due to careless operation. If you do not have any backup of your valuable information, you need a partition recovery software. This application will help you to restore deleted, lost or inaccessible partitions with utmost ease. Even if you lose all files and folders from a partition after formatting, no need to worry, you can employ this tool to perform data recovery after format. The partition restoration program is applicable to revive deleted or lost partition on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Here are some common scenarios where you can utilize this partition restoration tool to get a better result in the partition recovery.

  • Improper use of the Disk Management Tool- Initially, deletion of the partition may be the reason behind the loss of a huge amount of important data. Partition is usually deleted from the computer due to improper use of the Disk Management tool. Using this utility, you can create, resize and delete the partition on your system. However, if you delete some partition containing your vital files while deleting another partition then a critical loss is definite. It may also happen on RAID drive. But, no need to worry, follow this link to recover formatted RAID easily: http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/raid-drive.html.
  • Partition table corruption- Partition table is a special type of structure that is used to keep every information about all primary & extended partitions on the system. There are plenty of reasons behind the corruption of this partition table. It may get damaged due to an improper partitioning, reformatting errors, abrupt termination, the effect of anti-virus etc. After that, you cannot access that partition or the partition may get invisible.
  • Formatting of partition- Formatting is common data loss reason that happens with everyone. You can format a wrong partition unintentionally going to format any other drive on your system. The partition may also be formatted during re-installation of OS. When you fail to remove some severe viruses, then formatting will be an only way to get rid of this problem. But, with the removal of the viruses, you will lose all information from that partition. Then employ this application to revive all information on the hard disk on Windows 7 and in all other major versions of Windows.
  • File system corruption- You may also lose data from a partition due to the corruption of the file system of it. The file system gets corrupted if any error occurs during the file system change. The file system of a partition can also get corrupt due to infection of some dangerous viruses. If it happens on an external drive and you formatted it, you can follow this link for easy recovery: www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/software-for-external-hard-drive.html.

Due to all these above reasons, you will lose all information from the partition in a moment. But, this partition recovery application will be always applicable to restore formatted the computer hard drive as well as to recover an external hard drive data after formatting. You can use this utility to restore data from the flash drive, memory card, USB drives and any other external hard drive easily. It is very effective to restore all types of files including document, music, picture, video or any other types of file. Besides partition restoration, this partition rescue tool is very efficient to restore any types of deleted or lost files on both Mac and Windows. If you need to retrieve deleted files on Windows, follow this link: http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/deleted.html

Note: Visit at http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/accidental-format.html to make it easy to restore data from hard disk after accidental format.

Follow the below Steps to use the Software for Partition Recovery:

Step A: Download and launch the Partition Recovery application on your system. In the main screen, select "Partition Recovery" option to retrieve data from the hard disk partition.

Partition Recovery Software - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step B: Now, select the appropriate partition that needs to recover, and click on "Next" to initiate the recovery process.

Partition Recovery Software - Select Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step C: After completion of the recovery process, all files will be displayed in "File Type View" or "Data View". Here, you can preview those data to evaluate the recovery results.

Partition Recovery Software - Restored Files

Fig C: Restored Files

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