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Recover Data from a Formatted Flash Drive

  • The standard application that restores data from a USB flash drive
  • Supports data restoration from HDD, USB drives, SSD, FireWire drives etc.
  • Offers simple and secure means of the recovery solution
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Windows and Mac

Flash drives are very convenient and safe means to carry the important files. However, these flash drives bring us an unpredictable risk where one loses their valuable files due to some known or unknown reasons. One such risk can happen due to the formatting of the flash drive. Sometimes your computer might prompt “You need to format the disk in drive X: before you can use it” or “Do you want to format it now?” when you connect a flash drive for data access. You don’t the reason why your PC has repeatedly insisting you to format your flash drive. If you click on “Cancel” button you won’t able to use a flash drive as it remains inaccessible. Hence you need to click on “Format disk” option to make your flash drive function normally in order to further utilize it for data storage. But in this process, you will end up losing all important files from a flash drive. Such file loss would be really terrible when lost flash drive files are the only copy you ever had.

Is it possible to get back data from a formatted flash drive?

Yes, definitely with the help of most appropriate data recovery software they can be recovered from the flash drive. Using a suitable data recovery software one can restore videos after formatting flash drive along with audios, pictures and other data.

Data loss from a flash drive is very common in daily life and most of the flash drive users will believe they cannot restore files from flash drives once they are formatted or deleted due to human mistakes. That is absolutely wrong, the actual fact is you still have higher chances to recover lost files from the formatted flash drive as long as the memory space occupied by lost files on the flash drive is not overwritten with new files. Therefore files are not permanently lost, they are just hidden after the format of flash drive (either quick format or complete format). This is exactly where you need to use an effective data recovery software like formatted data recovery to recover data after the formatting the flash drive in a few minutes.

You need to take certain precautions for successful recovery of files from the flash drive after its formatting:

  • Firstly stop using the flash drive for storing new files once it is formatted accidentally or intentionally. Saving new files will start to overwrite the memory space occupied by lost files on USB flash drive resulting in permanent loss of files.
  • Always have a backup copy of critical files on the computer before you directly save or edit them on a flash drive. Scan your computer with a good anti-virus program to make it free from virus attack.
  • Install and run the trial version of formatted data recovery software on your computer. Follow on-screen instructions to retrieve flash drive files and estimate recovery results before going to buy it.

What are the common causes formatting of the flash drive?

  • Flash drive data turn inaccessible as a result of the formatting error messages that keep displaying on the computer screen when you try to access files from a flash drive. File system corruption, sudden removal of the flash drive from the PC, abrupt system shutdown, power failures etc. are reasons behind error messages that will not let you use the flash drive as long as you format it.
  • You might unintentionally formatted the flash drive on the computer mostly while formatting any logical drive or performing some data operations on a computer.
  • Corruption of flash drive due to virus infections is another cause for formatting of flash USB drive. When you are unable to remove harmful threats from flash drive even after using anti-virus software, then it is necessary to format flash drive to make it work normally.

Formatted flash drive recovery software

To get back your lost flash drive files, you need to use the Formatted Data recovery Software. It’s vital to opt for a safe and competent data recovery tool as some inefficient programs can damage files on formatted flash drive by affecting its file structure. Formatted data recovery is undoubtfully the best file recovery tool that does not care whether the files are lost due to formatting, reformatting or corruption of the flash drive. It scans the entire flash drive using its powerful algorithms to perform pen drive data recovery after format in order to identify and get back lost, missing or inaccessible files in a reliable way. It has the ability to recoup Microsoft Office files, photos, videos, songs, zip archives and various file formats from a formatted flash USB drive in a few mouse clicks. This application can also be used to perform Kingston Data Traveler USB drive recovery and to retrieve files from different USB drive brands including Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, HP, Lexar, LaCie etc.

Besides flash drives, formatted data recovery utility makes it possible to restore files from formatted external hard drive and hard drives of SATA, SCSI and IDE types.  When you lose images, videos and music files from flash memory cards or iPods, you can think of restoring media files through formatted data recovery software. This software works fine on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. In addition, you can even recover data from a formatted hard drive on Mac OS X Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Steps to unformat flash drive data:

Step 1: As you download and launch the Formatted Data Recovery software, the main screen will be displayed with 3 different options. Select “Recover Photos” option among those 3 options and then click on “Recover Partitions/Drives” option to retrieve data from the formatted flash drive.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Flash Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option from next display screen to recover lost files from formatted flash drive

How to Recover Files from Formatted Flash Drive - Select Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery Option.

Step 3: Now, you have to choose the flash USB drive from the list of identified logical drives that has been formatted to begin the scanning of flash drive for lost files.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Flash Drive - Select the logical drive

Step 4: Once the recovery process is done, view the recovered data from the formatted flash drive to evaluate the recovery results.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Flash Drive - Preview Recovered Data

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