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Perform File Recovery after Complete Format

  • The reliable tool that easily restores files after a complete format operation
  • Compatible to work with all types of external HDD, internal drives, USB drives and others
  • Inbuilt with advanced algorithms that scans the formatted drive partition and extract complete data from it
  • It also provides a preview of the recovered data at the user end

“Recently, I was using my external hard drive for creating a backup of some of the crucial files that were recently created by me. Today, when I reconnected my external hard drive to my system for making use of the files, it reported error message stating- 'The Disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it know?' I really don’t know what to do next? I neither wish to lose any of the files from my hard drive nor wish to leave hard drive for long as it is? Can I recover data after a full format?”

The best solution for the question like can I recover data after full format is the implementation of the Data Recovery after Format. This software performs scanning of the hard drive in a few seconds of its installation. Before knowing how this software address problem likes “Can I recover data after full format?” let’s detail a few of the circumstances that lead to such corruption scenarios.

Accidental Format: We may tumble upon full format command while checking out the settings of the drive. As this happen each of the prior saved files and folders are immediately washed off from the respective drive.

Improper Ejection: While in a hurry then we usually remove external hard drive from the computer or laptop without following a proper procedure. Sometimes such un-recommended procedure results in the corruption of file system and henceforth each of the stored files got unreachable. In such circumstance attempt to access the files from the drive is useless.

Virus Attack: One of the most repeated reasons for corruption of the external hard drive is due to virus impact. Viruses that get intruded with the external hard or internal hard drive can make some of the inadequate changes in the file system of the drive thereby leading to the inaccessibility of the files.

Other Reasons: Besides all of the above-detailed scenarios files and folders on the hard drive can get unreachable due to bad sectors, MBR corruption, abrupt system shutdown, error while changing the file system etc. For more details, about this kind of scenarios visit this link: http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/usb-hard-drive.html

All of these data loss scenarios results in question like “can I recover data after full format?” Each of these data inaccessibility problems can be easily sorted out by the use of this advanced data recovery software. But, to ensure that you get an answer for “can I recover data after full format?” in the best way, users must stop making use of the drive for any purpose.

This application recovers data from a corrupt hard drive in a very effortless and effective way. Once the scanning process gets completed on the hard drive users of this utility can preview the files in four different categories. The other advantageous aspect of using this software is that it allows the users to recover files from a full formatted hard drive in the compressed format. If needed, this software can also be used to recover files from formatted drive on Mac based system. Make use of this link, to have detailed insight about it: http://www.datarecoveryafterformat.com/recover-formatted-hard-drive-mac.html

Steps to Recover Data after a Full Format:

Step A: Download and install this data recovery application on your system and launch its home screen. Select "Recover Drives" option as shown in Fig A.

Can I recover data after full format - Home Screen

Fig A: Home Screen

Step B: On the next window screen select the external hard drive from the list of Logical Drives and click on the next button as shown in Fig B.

Can I recover data after full format - Select Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step C: As scanning process is completes, a list of file is shown as shown in Fig C..

Can I recover data after full format - Restored Files

Fig C: Restored Files

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